Robbiek, Rob Kunz,  is a photographer with a passion for capturing color.  He grew up in Calgary, Alberta, but has made Okotoks, Alberta his home for 20 years.  He loves the closeness that this small community affords him to the majestic Rocky Mountains, and takes frequent day trips around southern Alberta capturing the landscapes and people that truly define this beautiful country.  He loves to photograph the world he visits, such scenery as the Lakes, Trees and Ocean of Western Canada and the United States, the glorious rock diversity of Utah and Arizona, the Concrete and Architecture of New York City, the Culture and Jungles of Guatemala and the disparate Ice and Volcano landscape of Iceland.  He loves the relationship between people and their environment.  Real people in real life, where they live, play and love.  Through his images, he conveys the deep connection we have with the world around us.
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